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Glazing bars

Lyssand Glazing Bars to meet every taste and budget

The use of Glazing Bars is a simple but effective way to give your house character. For refurbishment it is very important and in some cases also necessary to use Glazing Bars to keep in with tradition. Lyssand offers Glazing Bars for all their Windows and Doors.

Lyssand solid ''real'' Glazing Bars

Solid Glazing Bars is the original way to separate the window or the door into smaller units. Lyssand offer ''real'' Glazing Bars in two dimensions; 65 mm & 90 mm thickness. The 90 mm option has a decorative groove to the inside.

Lyssand Clip-on Glazing Bars

A reasonable alternative, which gives real Glazing Bar effect. The Glazing Bars are easy to remove for cleaning of the window or door. You can decide how many panes you want your door or window split into and the clip-on Glazing Bars can also be fitted at a later stage.

Lyssand Applied Glazing Bars with optional Spacer

If you want your windows and doors to have the ultimate look of the old style narrow Glazing Bars in combination with the modern double glazed units, then the Lyssand Applied Glazing Bars system is what you want. We bond a 25 mm Glazing bar to the outside and inside of the Glazing unit and for the ultimate effect, we can also incorporate an aluminium spacer into the glazing unit. You need to be an expert to see that this is not a solid Glazing Bar.

Lyssand Aluminium Glazing Bars

Aluminium clad windows and doors are supplied with matching glazing bars for ultra low maintenance.

Buy your Glazing Bars painted / stained

To paint Glazing Bars on a window or a door is tricky and time consuming. Order your Glazing Bars factory finished from Lyssand.

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