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Lyssand Bay window

Lyssand Bay Windows - add something extra to your elevation in an elegant way, without costing a fortune. Lyssand's Bay Window designs offer ranges from simple standard Bay Windows to complex special productions. Standard Lyssand Bay Windows come as Fixed Light windows with front windows and side windows mounted at an angle specified by the customer. Please note that in many cases a template is required for bay windows which can increase delivery time!

Ready assembled with slim-line corner posts

Lyssand Bay Windows can delivered to site in one complete unit ready for installation or for site assembly. An advantage of this is to avoid the ''heavy/wide'' corner posts that are used when assembly is done on site. Lyssand can also supply complete packages including head plate, sill plate and revels/cover-plates/rebates.

Special Bay Windows with opening windows, doors and different angles

It is also possible to build bays using combinations of Top Swing Windows, Balcony Doors and Fixed Lights. The use of these three pieces is an exciting alternative. To explore your Bay Window idea please contact Broxwood and ask to talk to an account manager.

Important details
  • Deep glazing rebates which position the glazing unit as far into the room as possible.
  • Reduced risk of condensation with ample space for triple glazing and other glazing options.
  • Safety, the glazing units are bonded into the window sashes.
  • Can be supplied with glazing bars , fully factory finished in paint or stain and with multiple glazing options.

For maximum protection, longevity and ultra low maintenance, Lyssand Bay windows can be supplied with exterior facing aluminium cladding.

Broxwood Windows and Doors is Lyssand's UK distributor. To order your Lyssand products please visit www