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Frequently asked questions

What opening functions do Lyssand have?

Top hung and side hung fully reversible, outward opening, cleanable from the inside.
Fixed lights. Combinations of these.

What features do your doors have?

Outward opening back doors.
Outward opening french/balcony doors.
Sliding patio doors.

Where are they made?


What is the delivery period?

Typically 6 weeks, please contact Broxwood for an exact delivery time for your project.

Do they come glazed?

Yes with many glazing options. See the glazing section on the Broxwood site for more information.

What types of finish do you offer?

Any colour of stain or paint, with different colours inside and out if required. Optional External Aluminium Cladding

What sizes do you offer?

All Lyssand windows and doors are made to measure. Almost any size or shape combination is possible, naturally though there may be limitations such as for lorry height and weight on hinges.

Do you have a standard price list?

No, everything is made to order.

Is the timber treated?

Yes, double vacuum impregnated, treated laminated finger-jointed pine.

Where does the timber come from?

From sustainable Scandinavian forests.

What guarantee do you offer?

10 years providing installation and maintenance instructions are followed. See Broxwood for further details

Do Lyssand make tilt and turn windows?

No, contact Broxwood for alternative suppliers or to discuss what Lyssand can offer as alternative.

Are your windows and doors tested?


Broxwood Windows and Doors is Lyssand's UK distributor. To order your Lyssand products please visit www