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Lyssand Windows and Doors

More wind and weatherproof than the strongest demands specified by any country.

One of the chief criteria for a window is its ability to restrain wind and rain pressure. Each European country has its own standard requirements for window tightness. The strongest demands are set by the Norwegian Building Regulations. The Lyssand window fulfils all these requirements by a clear margin. As the diagram shows - the Lyssand window is almost as tight at high pressure (700 Pa) as at low pressure.
Moreover - it is in storms and rain showers that you really need a tight window.

Unique, fully reversible hinge system

The Lyssand Top Swing Window is fitted with a 4-position hinge system that offers all user benefits. The hinge system has been in continuous use for more than 45 years with frequent modifications to maximise functionality. Among reversible hinges this is, without doubt, the most proven hinge available on today's market.

  • POSITION 1: Window closed.
  • POSITION 2: Lockable night vent position. Air space 15 mm.
  • POSITION 3: Childproof lock with reverse stop for ventilation. Opening extent rnax. 100 mm. Position of lock is difficult for children to reach and operate.
  • POSITION 4: 180-degree tilt locked position enables outer pane to be cleaned frorn inside the roorn.

NB. Window tilts outside the house. No need to rernove curtains or plants.

High level of protection against burglaries.

Most break-ins are done by access through windows. Well aware of this fact, the Lyssand window has been developed to offer a high level of protection against burglaries. Some of the important details that provide you with better security are:

  • Espagnolette locking with key locking handles. Close the handle, remove the key and the window will not open if the glass is broken. NB. This is the most common method of burglar access.
  • The window pane is glued into the sash. Even if the glazing beads are taken out it is almost impossible to remove the double or triple glazed pane. If the pane is broken, glass fragments will remain stuck to the frame and greatly hinder access.
  • All windows can withstand 900 kg per closing point.
    Glazing can be upgraded to security glass for enhanced break-in prevention.
  • Balcony doors and sliding doors are fitted with handle operated 3-point espagnotlette locking system and inside cylinder locking as standard. Outwards opening balcony doors also have handle operated friction stays as standard.
  • For maximum protection, longevity and ultra low maintenance, all Lyssand’s products can be supplied with exterior facing aluminium cladding.


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