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Factory finishing

Buy your Windows and Doors fully factory finished with an option to have them externally aluminium cladded from Lyssand

To enjoy a full warranty all windows and doors should be factory finished.
The many benefits of factory finished windows and doors include:

  • All the components are finished prior to the window or door being assembled. This gives total protection all over; behind the glazing unit, behind hinges and in all joints.
  • The timber has a moisture content of 12% when it is treated which allows a better bond between wood and stain/paint.
  • The treatment protects the product during construction and gives a better finish than if painted/stained on site.
Forget the paintbrush, tape and your ladder

To stain or paint windows and doors yourself is one of the most time consuming and tricky jobs you can do and requires a high degree of skill and accuracy. On top of this you need the weather on your side. If the weather is against you then your untreated windows will quickly soak up atmospheric moisture making it likely that the bond between the timber and paint is reduced by 30%. And after all that work it is likely you’ll be repainting a lot sooner that you would be with factory finished windows. Order factory finished windows and doors and save yourself the headache!

Factory Stain or Paint or Aluminum Cladding

Painting or Aluminum Cladding in any RAL colour and surface finish you require. It is also possible to have different colours on inner/outer parts of the window/door. Factory stain or paint gives better protection as all parts are applied prior to assembly. Thus, there is protection coating in areas where a brush would not reach afterwards. The quality of finish is excellent.

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