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Lyssand Fixed Light

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Lyssand Fixed Light Window - A window with Architectural appeal

The traditional design for a fixed light window is a square frame with some glass in it. Lyssand expects a lot more from a fixed light window. Fixed light windows offer the best option and costs for super low u-values. U-values as low as 0.6 can be achieved with the use of fixed light windows.
A Lyssand Fixed Light Window can be made in many shapes and sizes, including circles and ovals. Fixed Light Windows can also be incorporated into a total package in combination with Lyssand Top Swing Windows, Lyssand Balcony Doors or Lyssand Back Doors.
Among the most popular Lyssand Fixed Light Windows are angled and triangle windows. Windows like these are ideal gable solutions and give the house a special characteristic. Contact Broxwood to discuss your design.

Important details
  • Deep glazing rebates which position the glazing unit as far into the room as possible.
  • Reduced risk of condensation with ample space for triple glazing and other glazing options.
  • Safety, the glazing units are bonded into the window sashes.
  • Can be supplied with glazing bars , fully factory finished in paint or stain and with multiple glazing options.

For maximum protection, longevity and ultra low maintenance, Lyssand Fixed Light windows can be supplied with exterior facing aluminium cladding.


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