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Lyssand Sliding Door

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Lyssand Sliding Door made from timber- Perfect to match other Lyssand Products

The patented Lyssand sliding door made from laminated Nordic Pine has extra solid construction giving it improved stability and improved insulation as an added benefit. It features 7 locking points and can also be aluminium clad making it a perfect match to all other Lyssand products.

Lyssand Sliding Door, ideal for:
  • Opening your house to your garden or patio
  • Use as a Balcony Door
  • An entrance to your conservatory in combination with Lyssand Glazing Screens
Simple, but solid construction

Simple solutions are always the best and this was the brief when Lyssand designed the Sliding Door. The door has very few moving parts and wheels and tracks are made from stainless steel, to provide the best performance for long-term wear.

Patented Slide & close system

The seven point locking system is operated by one handle The door can be locked in an open position of just 100mm to provide ventilation without fear of unwanted entry. The stainless steel wheels and tracks guarantee effortless movement. Single or double cylinder locking is available.

The choice of slide direction and panels is yours

You specify if you want the left or the right hand side of the door to slide. Lyssand Sliding Doors can also be delivered with kick panels and matching side screens. A door with four panels, of which the two panels in the middle open each way, is also available.

Important details
  • Deep glazing rebates which position the glazing unit as far into the room as possible.
  • Reduced risk of condensation with ample space for triple glazing and other glazing options.
  • Safety, the glazing units are bonded into the window sashes.
  • Can be supplied with glazing bars , fully factory finished in paint or stain and with multiple glazing options.

For maximum protection, longevity and ultra low maintenance, Lyssand Sliding Doors can be supplied with exterior facing aluminium cladding.

Broxwood Windows and Doors is Lyssand's UK distributor. To order your Lyssand products please visit www