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Lyssand Top Swing

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Lyssand Top Swing Window, fully reversible, secure and easy to clean

Lyssand's Top Swing window is among the most tested window function on the market. The window has been continually developed process over the past 45 years. Some of the advantages of this window are:

Easy clean - no ladders required

The superb hinge system enables you to turn the window smoothly through 180°, reversing the outside to the inside ready for cleaning. The window is also locked in the cleaning position. This is a big advantage in houses with multiple floors or with difficult external access. NB. No need to remove curtains or plants when turning the window.

Automatic child safety catch

The child safety catch is primed automatically each time the window is closed. The window can be opened approximately 100 mm before child safety catch is activated and can be locked in this position for ventilation. The lock is designed to be easily operated by an adult but is positioned to be less easy for a child to reach or operate.

Important details

Deep glazing rebates which position the glazing unit as far into the room as possible.
Reduced risk of condensation with ample space for triple glazing and other glazing options.
Safety, the glazing units are bonded into the window sashes.
Can be supplied with glazing bars , fully factory finished in paint or stain and with multiple glazing options.
For maximum protection, longevity and ultra low maintenance, Lyssand Top Swing windows can be supplied with exterior facing aluminium cladding.


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